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Why orbix?

orbix aims to make your financial and investment life more easiest.

Thailand Digital Asset Exchange Platform

orbix is the most reliable trading and exchange center for digital assets. You can trade digital assets confidently and securely with an insured platform.


Thailand Cryptocurrency Expert

The first digital currency exchange center in Thailand since 2017, which has the most extensive experience in the crypto market and blockchain technology.

Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

The fastest deposit and withdrawal transfer of digital asset.

International information security standard

Accredited with ISO27001 International Information Security Standards and ISO27701 Personal Data Management System with a license from the Ministry of Finance and under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

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Prudent Coin Selection & Monitoring

There are stringent coin selection criteria price on market trade, comply with standard and regulation.

Simple and Friendly to use Application

The application designed to be simple and friendly for customers as well as secure for every transaction.


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24/7 Support

We have a support team available 24 hours everyday.

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News, information and knowledge of digital assets update.


Discuss and exchange ideas in our groups and online media on a variety of platforms.


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